This breeding effort is the collaboration of a very small circle of friends

In our collaborative efforts to select and acquire our family of true pure peales breeders, we find that there are several “types” of peales prevalent throughout the captive breeding community. >Over the years, “peales type” peregrines have been collected from their most southern range, their most northern range, their most inland range, as well as their farthest off shore range. We observe that the farther south and inland these peregrines are found, a noticeable “intergrade” style of maritime peregrine materializes.


Our family of breeding stock originates from the greater Gulf of Alaska area, which includes but not limited to, the isolated islands of Amchitka, Montague, and the Queen Charlottes. Trademarks of their northern, off shore heritage, our peales falcons possess a compliment of unique and desirable genetics. These substantially structured predators are full of strength, desire, and attitude. True peales, the individuals that we have collected moult into heavily marked fronted, dark blue-backed, adults. The background color on their chests is very light in most cases. This “look” of light fronted, dark blue backed peales is what we remember many years ago when the last legal harvest of Charlotte falcons took place. Not all, but many had this “look” and it is that same “look” that motivates our efforts today. We like a peales falcon with long wide wings, where the secondary feathers appear much longer than that of other peregrines.

We appreciate a wide cere and substantial mandible on our falcons that exhibit the size and power to dispatch ocean dwelling seabirds, sometimes several miles offshore. We like our falcons to possess large feet with thick tarsus. More importantly, we like to see our falcons perform and catch quarry with the same athleticism and power that created their legend throughout the past several generations. Some of the finest gamehawks we have ever flown have been retired early and are now producing young with all the qualities we are looking for in a full-bodied peales falcon.

Motivated by quality and performance, we collectively breed only a very select few of these pure peales falcons each year.


Why are falcons among the most dangerous birds in the world?

The falcon is one of the most common birds of prey in the world. This fantastic creature ranges in size and color of plumage depending on the region where it lives. Despite being one of the most dangerous birds in the world, the falcon can be trained and used as a hunting tool. If you have the opportunity to acquire this impressive beast, you will have a spectacular way to impress your friends and the escorts you will meet on SexeModel.


Where can you spot falcons?

The best place where you can spot falcons is in their natural habitat. This majestic bird is able to live in various landscapes, ranging from mountains to arid steppes. They prey on small rodents, snakes and even birds. These birds stay far away from the large cities. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that you and your escort Paris will be able to spot one in the French capital. However, you can find them on a short nature trip in the Pyrenees.

If you do not have the time to take a hike in the mountains, you can visit the local zoo to see a falcon. Most bird sections in major zoos have spectacular falcon specimens. Should you have one near you, go for a visit and take your escort Paris from with you. These beautiful companions love to spend exciting moments in such places. A Sunday at the zoo can be the perfect start for a wonderful relationship.

Why are falcons so dangerous?

The falcon is an incredibly intelligent bird. Its ability to spot its tiny prey from hundreds of feet above the ground is equaled by very few other predators. They are also very territorial and will not hesitate to attack humans if they see them as a threat. Therefore, if you are planning a nature trip with your escort Paris make sure that you do not venture too close to this bird’s nest.

Falcons have very sharp talons and a powerful beak that has the shape of a hook. An attack from this bird of prey may leave you with serious injuries. Still, some nomad groups of people from the Mongolian steppes have managed to domesticate them to a certain extent. For a spectacular experience, take your escorts deep into the Asian continent. Here, you will be able to observe this unique way of hunting with falcons.

What zoos have the most beautiful birds in the world?

The best zoos in the world are the ones based in or near the large cities. For example, the biggest zoo in France is in its capital. If you are in town just for a few days, do not miss the chance to visit this beautiful bird sanctuary. Ask your escort Paris to take you there and enjoy seeing some of the most amazing specimens of falcons.

Other zoos of worldwide reputation of caring for falcons can be found in the United States, UK and Australia. A true bird lover does not waste the opportunity to visit them. If you are having trouble finding them on the map, ask one of the local escorts to take you there. While this experience is not as mesmerizing as seeing these hunting masters in their natural habitat, it is still very interesting.